Our stories

Since we started delivering Block WorkOut we have worked with over 800 people from communities across Lambeth and surrounding areas.

Our stories: Diesel

Diesel has been coming to Block Workout since he was at school.  Through friends, he discovered the bars at Brockwell Park and started working out regularly.  In the past, Diesel had played sports at school, volleyball, football and basketball in addition to taking part in the Lambeth Youth Games and London Youth Games but this was the new challenge he was craving. He was fit but he also wanted to be strong, as Diesel said, ‘I had a strong mind and I wanted a strong body too.’

Over the months Diesel brought more friends along and started to train with others, always pushing them to do their best.  He enjoyed the unity of Block Workout, it was like an extension of family and everyone was supportive, motivating others to do more. As Diesel noted, ‘I saw the bigger picture, I wanted to be part of this community. We all train together, black, white, Muslim, we are people. We’ve taken away labels, without the labels we have no problems.’

Where did Diesel get his name from?  ‘I’m called Diesel as I’m full of energy and always trying to do better.’

After years of working out with Block Workout and supporting others through training and coaching, Diesel became a fully qualified trainer in early 2016.  When asked why he volunteers at the gym, Diesel said:

I volunteer here for the passion of training and helping others. If the gym wasn’t here the young people would have nowhere to go.’